Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dog Food Deals

Sometimes I get really frustrated with coupons. Then I read other blogs and see deals like this.It really re-energizes me to stay with the updates and keep trying. While, I've had some great deals with dog treats and food. I don't get upset when I don't get the same exact deal. I just remember that a dollar saved is a dollar saved.
This week at Target I got a 4lb bag of beneful for 2.69 but using the 2.00 off coupon I received in the free Dog's life Magazine Walmart offer.
My sister got 18lbs of Purina one for $12.00. While these are not the best scenarios using coupons available. They are good enough for me. First, we have three dogs in our house. If I was to only buy 4lb bags or smaller even if they are free, I'd still be getting a lot of smaller bags. We don't have the storage space for that where we live. So I would rather use those high value coupons to buy larger bags when possible. This scenario might not be best for you. Couponing is not about copying what one blogger or reader does exactly. Couponing is about making a system that works best for you, whatever that may be.

Kmart has beneful coupons available in a booklet at the front of their store. Keep an eye out for them. If your store is doing double coupons this week you can get jumbobones for .99-.49 depending on what coupons you have.
Use the 1.00 off jumbo bone coupon from last week's insert. 2.99-1.00(1.00)=.99
If you were able to find the buy one/get one coupon you could buy 2, use the 1.00 off and the buy/get one coupon to score 2 packages for .49 cents!

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