Thursday, April 30, 2009

Publix deals for the week of 4/30-5/6

Pupperoni dog treats are buy one/get one free. Use the $1.00/2 Target coupon along with the manufacturers coupons, go here for links to both coupons. Even if you already printed the manufacturer's coupon, great news you can print them again! It may change the coupon amount. I printed them on Monday and received 2.00 off, when I printed it today it was for 1.50 off any one.
The price is not listed in the ad, but I believe they are 3.49 a bag.

Here is your scenario

Buy 2 pupperoni dog treats=3.49-1.00/2(Target coup)=2.49-1.50(man.coup)=.99
Depending on your Publix store you may be able to use two man. coups to get an even better deal! It really just depends on what pupperoni coupons you are able to print.

Ceasar Canine Cusines are 3/2.00
-use the buy one/get one free coupon here
-use the buy 2/get one free coupon

Monday, April 27, 2009

Target: Pupperoni Deal-updated!

Go here and print the $1.00 off any 2 4.8-8oz Pupperoni dog treats Target coupon. Then go here and print the Pupperoni manufacturer's coupon. You should be able to print two. The coupon is for 2.00 off any one 4.8oz or larger package of Pupperoni dog snacks! Some are reporting that the coupon prints out for only 1.00 or 1.50. When I printed the coupon it was for 2.00.

Buy 2 Pupperoni Dog Treats(prices will vary by store) but at mine they are 2.54/bag.
2.49(2)=4.98-1.00(Target coupon)=3.98-4.00(Pupperoni coupon)=.08, or .04 each!

Plus, Target had a special package with 25% more free! If you get the coupon to print and it turns out to be a different value let me know.

Please remember that the price at your local Target may be different. Prices are regional and some stores have temporary price cuts that others do not.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Steals and Deals

While out shopping today I noticed some great deals.

Target has Michel's chef creation wet dog food cans clearanced. This will vary by store, but you may be able to score a few. I got 2 and used my b1/g1 coupon. I got 2 cans for .75! They are some what small but will make a nice treat to my pup's dry food. If you find the two pack on clearance they come with a coupon for a free can! It's on the inside flap of the packaging. Then Cesar was on temporary price cut for .68 and I used my b2/g1 coupon. I got three for 1.36. Then I picked up some of the chicken flavored raw hides that they have in a box for 1.69.

CVS has mail in offers for Iams dog or cat food. You fill out the back and they will send you a coupon for a free bag of food! In order to receive the free bag you need to have bought/buy a bag and send in the UPC. The great part is that the 4lb bags are included! Purchases include those from 11/08-6/30/09. If you still have your receipt from the great $5.00 coupon this could be a great find for you! They are selling on ebay for 1.50 a coupon! I found them in the summer aisles where they have a special dog area set up. This is also where you would find the pedipaw. Keep an eye out for them at your store! I grabbed a couple to share with friends and family. Even if you don't use Iams or have a pet these would be great to donate to a local shelter!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Petco Deals

Right now if you donate $20 or more to the PETCO Foundation you will receive a free reusable shopping bag. The PETCO foundation works to help homeless pets. Go here for more information on the program or to make a donation.

Petco Deals

Print off this coupon to save 10% off your in-store purchase.

Science Diet Dog or Cat food save up to 8.00 off 35-40lb bag(dogs) or 17.5(cats)
-Sign up for the 3 bag challenge and you will receive coupons and a free kit.

Tidy Cat is 11.99 for 27lbs plus you get a 3lb bonus.
-use the 1.00 off coupon

You can also get a $5.00 off Science Diet Nature's Best Natural Balance. This is normally priced around 15.00 for a 5lb bag(or 4lbs). However, if any more of the $X/XX coupons come out this is a great coupon to combine for big savings.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Upcoming Events

There are several pet friendly events coming up here in Savannah.

May 4th-Doggie Carnival at Forsyth Park
-this event helps raise money for the Humane Society. Booths from local businesses, rescue groups and vendors line the park. They also have pet activities like races.

May 9th-TailsSpin's Montly Vaccine Clinic
-Vaccinations start at $10 dollars a shot and are done by Landmark Veterinary services.

May 16th-Summer Pet Portraits
-Proceeds benefit Rescue Agencies and you get a cute picture of your pet!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ebates Deal for Petco

Today Ebates is offering a special savings event for Ebates members at
Not familiar with Ebates? Ebates is a way to earn cash back for shopping you do online. Each website earns you a certain percentage back on each purchase by following a link through Ebates. You receive payment quarterly from Ebates either by check or through paypal.

Today Ebates is offering their usual 6% back an any purchase. Plus, you get 10% off any purchase today with the code ebatesonly and you earn 10% back through dollars. There is no minimum purchase to qualify. is also running free shipping through this week for orders of 50 dollars or more.

Would you rather go to the store? Use this 10% off any Petco purchase coupon in stores through 5/16/09. This offer is not good with any other coupon offer, however I think you could still use manufacturer coupons. You will need a Petco P.A.L.S card.


Petsmart will be holding Birthday parties at select locations tonight. Go here to find out if your store is participating. Prizes will be drawn along with free goody bags!

Easter clearance is starting to get in the high percentage, which means great deals to be found. I recently got a toy chicken for my niece for .50 cents. Sadly, the dogs didn't want her to have it and promptly claimed it as their own. :)

What other great deals have you spotted?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly Deals

Target has several giftcard deals going on this week with pet items.

Iams is on sale for 17.79 plus when you buy the 6 pack of wet food you receive a 5 dollar gift card.

Buy 2 20lb bags of Purina dog chow at 11.99 get a 5 dollar gift card.
-go here and register for a 3.50 coupon.
Fancy Feast is .50 a can.

There is a deal on cat items where you buy two pictured items you receive a 5 dollar gift card. Items include, cat chow, Tidy cat, and a litter box.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Spending Update

I stopped at Target today in hopes of finding great Easter clearance deals. Picking was slim but I still found some deals.
I got a stuffed duck for .99 originally 3.99. Although, it is cute I might give it to my niece. Although, my pup might steal it before I get a chance. She likes to ruffle through the bags to "find" if I got anything for her.
Then I found some wet dog food on clearance for .75 cents for a two pack. I don't recall the brand off hand.
I almost bought her some more treats but the price point was okay, not great. I decided to just skip it this week.
So total spent on her .99+.75=1.74+5.09=6.83

All of it was paid for with a gift card I got last week through the Gillete Razor deals.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coupons and Samples

Go here for a sample of Better Than Ears Dog Treats available at
Thanks Hip2Save for the link!

Go here for a 3.00 off IP coupon for Purina Yesternews Cat Litter.

Shot Clinic

The Savannah Humane Society will be offering a shot clinic on April 25th from 10am-2pm.
They will be offering Rabies, bordetella and microchipping. Go here for pricing and other information.

Dentastix Deal for Publix

If you have a Publix close by good news! They currently have Pedigree Dentastix 2/6.00. Use two of the 2.50/1 coupons recently available and it's .50 a bag!

They also have a blinkie for a 1.00 off Goodbite dog treats. Scoop those up and save them for Kmart Double coupons!

Going Green with your Pet

April showers bring May flowers along with spring cleaning, pollen and more daylight. Earth Day is coming up. Many companies are using this time to highlight their eco-friendly products and help you decide on whether you can make your own routines eco-friendly. The Iams doggy newsletter had an article on how you can "Go Green with your Pet". Here are some of their suggestions.

1. Dog Waste-use either biodegradable bags to pick it up or compost it. I use biodegradable bags that are handy in a little fire hydrant dispenser attached to my dog's leash. Many stores carry such bags. However, they are not the most budget friendly item. I buy them when I have a $/$$ coupon for Petsmart or Petco. When those aren't available I pick them up at Target. I can often get a giftcard through their pharmacy with a new prescription or transferring one or through the many ad deals they offer. This is a great way to reduce your cost. Also, look for stores that give out recycled bags or biodegradable ones that you can use to clean up after Fido. I've noticed that more stores are moving towards eco-friendly bags. This would be another way to pick up bags without incurring an additional cost. Another way as the article suggests is to compost it. However, I find this would only work if you had the drive and energy to actually compost and the space for it. Although, there are alternatives for those in cities and apartments to compost through an indoor compost bin.

2. Use natural cleaners and remove toxins from your home. Their point here is that everytime your dog rolls around on your carpet or walks through grass they pick up pollutants. Then when they go to clean themselves, they ingest it. While you can't protect your pet from everything, you can reduce the toxins found in your home. I've made the switch to more natural cleaners and I love it. I love that I don't feel like I'm getting high while cleaning and actually enjoy the odorless or scent friendly cleaners. And guess what, they work! The best part is that they are also budget friendly! I recently got a bottle of Natural Source(is that the name?) for .50 cents after double coupons at Kmart. You can also make your own natural cleaning solutions using vinegar, baking soda and borax. Walgreens had 7th generation cleaning products on clearance recently for as little as 2.00 a bottle. Eco-friendly doesn't have to mean more expensive.

3. Buy dog food in bulk rather than smaller portions. Confession time, I am guilty of this. I often buy 10lbs of dog food or less at a time. Why? I do it for two reasons. First, my dog gets tired of eating the same time of dog food after about 5lbs of it. It's strange and yes, I could teach her that what is there is what there so eat it. However, with coupons and sales I can often get different brands or flavors of dog food for a low cost. This works out for her feeding habits and my buying habits. However, it's not great for the enviroment as it means more packaging in landfills. I suppose I could start looking for more wetfood deals and using that to mix up her regular flavor dog food. Cans are easy to recycle unlike dog food bags.

4. Buy products with ecofriendly materials like recycled plastics and natural fibers. I don't really do this. I probably should make more of an effort on this point. However, I do recycle her toys by restuffing them.

5. Spay and Neuter: I think this point is more a of a public service annoucement along with friendly tip. After all the larger a population the more resources they take up. Wild or Feral cat populations can bring negative impacts to wildlife and plant life. Dogs, do the same. By keeping the population lower it means more resources for plant life and other wildlife and a more balanced ecosystem. I was required by Georgia state law to spay my pup when I adopted her from animal control. Even without this requirement, I would have had it done. Spaying or neutering your pet does not have to be expensive. Many rescue groups and shelters offer low cost clinics to reduce the cost. Some even sell vouchers as a fundraising opportunity. Don't just assume that it's too expensive.

If you have any other eco-friendly pet tips please share!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly Deals

Beggin Strips @ 10% off
B1/G1 Beggin Strip-Expires 4/12/09!
-select other dog treats are also included
Potential Coupon Matches for Purina Dog Treats
1.50 off Purina Carvers
1.50 off T-bonz Porthouse Snacks

Whiskas Multi Pack Cat Food 4.49
-2.00 off Whiskas Purrfectly10 pack(6.29.09) 3/29 RP
-1.o0 off any 12 pack from the 3/29 RP

50% off Easter Clearance starts at Target this week! Remember those cute stuff animals also make great dog toys. Just make sure to remove any choking hazards(like buttons, ribbons etc) before giving it to your dog. Also, keep an eye out for dog specific easter items like treats etc.

It is being reported that next week Kmart will be having Double Coupons again!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Petsmart Birthday Party

Head to your local Petsmart on April 21st from 6-8pm for an in store Birthday party! Go here to see if your store is participating.
If it is you could pick up a free goodie bag and digital frame!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mighty Dog Nation

It's Hip2Save has a great link up on her blog for Mighty Dog's, Dog Nation. By signing up to become a member you get a free "citizenship" kit.

Head over to her blog here to get the link.

Just a warning, I've been trying to get signed up for the last 10 minutes and I keep getting an error code at various stages. They may be experiencing heavy traffic on their website.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monthly Total Update

I broke my Target fast today. I sat out almost all of lent. The Gillette deal this week was too much for me to pass up!
While in Target I decided to check out how much the Pedigree Dentastix would be with my 2.50 coupon. They were on temporary price cut at my store for 3.39! I could only use one coupon during the transaction. My cashier was very insistent that she could only use one. I didn't fight it because there were lines and it's not hard to just have them void off the other one. Just a word of caution, if you are planning on doing this deal.
3.39-2.50 off coupon=.89

Then I bought another pack of the Dentastix at Walgreens to bring my total up enough so I could use my 3.50 RR. I'll just my total oop cost of 1.04 as the Dentastix cost.

Previous total 3.16+.89=4.05+1.04=5.09

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekly Coupons

This week there was 5 inserts in the Sunday paper. Sadly the P&G did not have any Iams coupons. The only dog coupons I got where the Pedigree ones. There was also a coupon for the 3m Fur Fighter which is similar to the Pledge Pet Hair Remover. There were also some for carpet cleaners like woolite. They make a neat little cleaning tool call the Pod or something along those lines. Before I got my Bissel Iused the pod to clean up after my pup. I really enjoyed the product.

The ads are rather tame with pet deals from what I saw. With Easter quickly approaching most ads are focused on clothing, candy and food. So I think it will be a bit before we see a strong pet ad.

Walgreen's has the small dog dentastix on clearance for 3.19. Use the 2.50 off coupon and you could get bag for .69 cents. Even if you don't have a small breed these are nice treats for your dog to give a little fresh breath perk.

CVS has dog toys on clearance along with dish towels, cloths, tupperware and other asst. items. At my store they were 75% off. They also have coffee mugs with dogs on them! I got my sister two beagle mugs for .49 each!

Monthly Totals

As a part of trying to figure out how much I spend on my dog every year. Here is what I bought this week specifically for her.

2 squeeky toys marked to 75% off at CVS=.38 each for a total of .76
originally 1.50 each.
-I used a CVS gift card to pay for the entire transaction plus .92 oop.

5 Little Cesear dog foods @ 4.00-2(.80) coupons=2.40
I used a buy 1/1 get one coupon I printed off, along with a buy 2/get 1 free from the inserts last week.

Total: .76+2.40=3.16

Friday, April 3, 2009

New coupons!

Head over to Money Saving Mom's post here. She has a 2.50/1 Dentastix Coupon. Combine this with a sale and you could pick your pet up a nifty treat on the cheap! I was able to print 2. I know my pup's breath could use some refreshing now and again.

Also, the Rachel Ray sample of Nutrish Dog food is back on Walmart's sample site. Go over to Frugal in Virginia's site here to get the link. I sent in for this sample when it was first available. Along with a single serving I also got 2 coupons for $2.00 off any 6lb bag and 1 $1.00 off any treat. Some bloggers are reporting that the treats are currently on clearance at their Walmart's making them about a dollar a bag/box if you have the coupon. There have also been several coupon insert's with coupons for these as well.

Go here to get a buy one/get one free coupon for Cesar Cuisines. You will need to register for the site to receive the coupon. Mine printed with an expiration date of 6/2!

The meaty bone coupon is back on