Friday, January 30, 2009

More coupons has two wonderful dog treat coupons you can print. The first is another 1.00 off any pupperoni treat. You will also find a buy one meaty bone chew get a free box of Meaty bone biscuits.

Go here and click on the side bar for

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Score some treats for your pup!

I went to Target today to check out the price on Purina Beggin Strips. I wanted to use my 3.00/1 coupon that I received when signing up for a free pet insurance quote. Go here for more information on how to get yours. At my Target Beggin Strips varieties were 2.24 a bag. Plus, I found two bags that had 1.00 off coupons on them.

Here is my transaction
5 bags of beggin strips @ 2.24 =11.20
-2(3.00) off coupons=5.20
-1 B1G1 coupon=2.242.96
-2(1.00) off coupons found on bags=.96
For 5 bags of beggin strips I only paid .96 out of pocket!

If you have more than 1 B1G1 coupon you could make these deal even sweeter. If you don't have any b1g1 coupons look for the 1.00 off coupons on the bags. I also found these at Kmart. So it's something the manufacter is putting on the bags, not the stores.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free dog magazine

Your Coupon Buddy has a link on her blog for a 1yr subscription to Dog's Life. Not sure if you will like the magazine? Before you sign up you can browse articles featured in the magazine through the Beneful website. They have some really cute articles along with helpful tips and hints.

PupPeroni Dog treats Coupon!

Go here for a 1.00 off PupPeroni dog treat 4.8oz or larger coupon. You will need to register in order to print the coupon.

If your Kmart allows you to use internet printable coupons, this would be a good one to hold on to in case of double coupons. You could score PupPeroni dog treats for .99 cents a bag!

This last weeks coupon inserts had several Science Diet coupons(depending on your region). My sister got about 5 in her inserts(she lives in the midwest) where as I only got one for their newer kind Nature's best. You could combine these with the Petco 5 dollars off a 25 dollar purchase.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Lots Coupon!

Go here to print off a 20% your in store purchase from Big Lots. If your store still has christmas clearance you could get some cheap dog toys.
The offer is good through Feb. 1st.

Free Beggin Strips

Head over to Common Sense with Money to find out how you can get free Beggin Strips!

Keeping Fit

Did you make a New Years resolution to be in better shape or improve your health? Grab your pet's leash and make them your work out partner. Granted this would depend on the breed of your dog and their age. However, pets do make great work out companions. You may already walk your dog several times a day depending on where you live. Add on a few extra minutes to each walk. Many fitness sites and doctors recommend 30 minutes of exercise a day. If you find it difficult to set aside 30 minutes a time, break it up into two 15 minute intervals or three 10 minute intervals. It will improve your pet's health and your own.
Make it a fun family activity and involve your children while out walking your pup. I loved taking our family dog for walks when I was younger. Join your child and make it a special activity between the two of you.
Don't have a dog? Volunteer to walk your neighbor's dog or check with your local humane society. Many rely on volunteers to help exercise the dogs at the shelter.
The best part about walking your dog is that it is a free activity for you and your family. Remember to bring a doggy bag with you to clean up after your pet and to keep your pet safe by keeping it on a leash.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas Clearance

Petco has Christmas clearance marked down to 75% off. Also, at the front of my store they had bins where the item inside was 1.00 or 2.00 dollars. I got a really cute 5 piece toy set for 2.00. It included a rope, 2 squeekers and 2 tennis balls! I got a pack of candy cane rawhides as well. Don't forget to use the 5 dollar off a 25 dollar purchase coupon. You could really stock up!

Petsmart is also marking down their Christmas clearance to 75%. Pet calendars are included in this deal, they are around 4 dollars.

CVS has pet beds for 5.99 this week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Iams Coupon

Go to this link and you'll receive a $5.00 off Iams coupon. The offer is limited to one per household. I combined this coupon earlier this year when Target had a coupon for it as well to score some free dog food.

Collars and Leashes for Dogs O My!

My pup has had the same leash since I first got her. However, I cannot say the same thing about her collar collection. The first collar she had lasted about three months before it started looking worn and was falling apart. The next collar just didn't look cute( granted that was more of my issue than the dogs) and it didn't fit her properly. Fit is very important with the dogs collar. If it is too loose the dog will pull it off, if it's too tight it can cause problems as well. I finally got the perfect fit and look by ordering her one of Etsy.
If you have never shopped on Etsy it's a wonderful site. It gives artists a place to put items for sale and reach a wide audience. It has a feedback section so you can see how other buys rate the seller or what type of "shopping" experience they had. The best part is that some sellers support non profit foundations or donate a proceed of your purchase to a pet rescue in their area. The prices are reasonable as well. I wouldn't go on expecting the best bargain of your life, but knowing that you are directly supporting a person rather than a corporation, sometimes the extra dollar is worth it.
Check out this adorable collar the seller offers free shipping!

I ordered a collar off Etsy last year. My pups collar is still going strong! More than I can say for the pet mega store I got her first one from. Sometimes having things crafted from love makes all the difference(cue cheesy soundtrack music) :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cheap Dog Toys

My sources are reporting that Big Lots has Christmas clearance for 75% which includes many dog toys including squeekers. Head over to your local Big Lots to see what you can score.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks to Your Coupon Buddy, I found a coupon for $5 off a $25 dollar purchase at Petco. It is limited to in stores only and you must use your P.A.L.S card. It's alos limited to one coupon per household.
Here is the link.

Offer expires 2/15/2009, this would be a great way to purchase Science diet for their 3 bag challenge and earn bags for your free bag with your P.A.L.S card.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kroger Deal on Pedigree Bites

Kroger stores are doing another mega event where if you buy 10 of a participating item you save 5 dollars. These can be mix and matched from other items on the page(check your local ad). Pedigree Good bites are a part of the mix priced at 2.99.
Buy 10 @ 2.99 use the 1.00 off coupon(11/16 rp) 1.99*10=19.99-5.00=14.99/10=1.49 each
You could also combine this item with your other matches if you need one or two more items to get the 5 dollars off.

Not a bad deal if you don't have a Kmart doing double coupons in your area. If your Kmart is doing double coupons, you could probably get a better deal or about the same. Plus, you wouldn't need 10 coupons.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Doggy Deals

Petco has Science Diet bags on sale this week. Pair with the 5 dollar coupon you can print after signing up for the 3 bag challenge. Prices will range on what size bag you purchase.

Kmart is once again double coupons in select areas. Pedigree items are on sale this could include jumbo bones and denta bones. Combine with 1.00 off coupons found in the sample sizes or previous inserts(not sure which one it was but it was in Nov/Dec.). Also, you can pick up Goodlife dog food for around 1.99 after double coupons if you have the 1.50 any size coupon.

Target has their brand dog treats on sale for 10% off this week. You can get a box of milkbone like dog bones for around 2.00. Not a bad price, seeing as Milkbones rarely have coupons or sales in my area.

Keep an eye out at your local CVS for the squeek toy stocking stuffers. Many stores still have Christmas clearance at 90%.

Cost Plus World Markets have select dog items 50-75% off. They have a cute little dog shampoo/spray kit for around 5.00. I wasn't aware they had a dog section until yesterday. Remember to keep your eye out even in stores that you don't consider for pet needs. You never know what you might find.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Low cost clinics

Many areas offer low cost clinics that will microchip your pet or give routine shots like rabies and bordetella.
These clinics are beneficial to all involved. Your pet gets their needed shots, you get to save a few dollars and the clinic involved gets publicity. I highly encourage you to check your local humane society's website for upcoming events or donation drives. By doing this, I found out that my Humane Society is offering microchipping this weekend for only 15 dollars! I paid almost three times as much when I got my dog microchipped. The two shots are each ten dollars, or you can do all three for $30! I recently got my pets Rabies shot for 15 at the vet! Many areas require that you give your dog a rabies shot every year.
So for those of you in the Savannah area here is the details.
Come to the Humane Society
New Year’s Resolution Low Cost Clinic
7215 Sallie Mood Drive
Saturday, January 17, 2009
10 am – 2 pm
Microchipping, Bordetella and Rabies $30
Microchipping includes registration $15
Rabies $10
Bordetella (dogs only) $10
Bordetella is required at boarding kennels, doggy daycare, and dog parks.

All dogs must be on a leash.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just got back from Kmart Double coupon days!

Kmart is doing double coupons this week up to 2.00. You can only use 1 coupon per item and the same coupon 4 times. Here is what I got.

3 bags of Beggin Strips(found 1.00 off coupons on the bag)@ 2.50 each-2.00(3)=1.50 or .50 a bag.
If you have the b1/g1 coupon you could combine that with this offer but I don't know if it would double. But you could potentially get 4 bags(4 bags@.50 each plus b1/g1(2) for 1.00 or .25 each.

1 bag of Pupporini@ 2.99-1.00(2)=.99

1 4lb bag of Goodlife Adult dog food=4.99-1.50(2)=1.99

I wanted to also get some Busy bones, but at the original price-double coupons I can pay about the same amount at Target. So I decided to pass on those for now.

Check your local Kmart ad to see if your store is also doing double coupons this week or next week! Rumor has it that next week it's up to 3.00 off. That would work great with some of the Iams coupons that have been in the P&G inserts!

Using the drug store games to your pets advantage

Many people play what they call the "Drugstore Game". This is where you take advantage of sales at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and other stores to get products at a very low cost, free or sometimes get "paid" to purchase them. I learned about this last April by visiting a few blogs that are dedicated to highlighting weekly deals with coupon matches etc.
Sometimes you can use these deals to get dog food at a low cost or find toys on clearance. Yet, there are also ways you can use these deals to buy non traditional items that you dog may need. Do you have a doggy first aid kit? Here is a list of some things to consider in your Canine First Aid kit.

Here are some things on the list that I know I have purchased at CVS for a low cost or could even get nearly free this week.

1. Tweezers: Revlon products are b1/g1 this week, use the dollar off coupon from the 1/4 inserts and get two for almost free(depending on purchase price).
2. Plastic Bags: Ever wondered what to do with your extra grocery bags or what to do with the little plastic bags your newspaper comes in when it's raining? Put a few in your Canine First Aid kit.
3. Antihistamine: Benadryl, CVS brand etc, are often part of promotions for ECB's or on sale. Pick up a pack and put it in your kit. I had to give my pooch a benadryl this August when her allergies peaked. It was nice to have it already on hand and not have to pay full price for it.
4. Vaseline: CVS brands can be purchased with their handy 2, 3 off coupons from a CVS brand, or Target has a nifty travel size for .99 in their travel section. I have had the same jar for a few years now!
5. Hydrogen Peroxide: Use it as a filer item for when you have those awesome 5/25 coups!

Many of these items are probably already in your home. It's always nice though to have specific items set aside for your pet. It can help a potentially stressful situation become less stressful if you have all the items are already set aside and in one place.

So the next time you are scanning those ads keep an eye out for when you might stumble upon an item to throw in your canine first aid kit.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nutro Coupons

Go here and register for the Nutro Products Frequent Buyer program and they will send you a coupon booklet with $20 worth of coupons.
While on their site register a chance to win a free year of dog food!

Groom Your Pet for Less

I'm very lucky in that my pup has short fur that does not require grooming. She does still require a bath every now and again. Dog shampoo is pricey if you buy actual dog shampoo. Yet, you shouldn't use your own shampoo on your dog(although it is tempting because Herbal Essences does smell good), as their skin is a little more sensitive and the scents could irritate your pup's skin. So what options do you have? I have a cheap and simple solution for your. Baby Shampoo. Yep, that's right, baby shampoo. You can often score good deals at the drug stores like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens to get a good deal on shampoo. Or if you aren't picky about brand names, I highly recommend the Target brand. It's gentle enough where it won't bother your pooch and it smells nice as well for you. The other great thing is that because of the gentle formula if your pooch "accidentally" licks some off, they will be ok.

But please remember this is just an alternative. If you feel that you can only use dog shampoo or if your dog has skin issues remember to check with your veterinarian. I only wash my dog maybe once every 2 months as she has such a short coat and don't have issues with it. However, every dog is different!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pet Find

A cute website I stumbled upon today. Here it is

I like this website as it has a variety of topics and people that are blogging on it. Although I must say, I don't think the dog in that picture looks thrilled to be in its seat belt harness. This is a fun website but it's not exactly frugal-esq. For instance these blocks I found at Target on clearance for about $2.00. The thought of someone paying 13.95 for them, is well shocking.

But check it out if you want some afternoon entertainment.

Shopping Online for Your Pet

Do you use flea preventative such as Frontline or K9 Advantix? If you live in the South you probably use them year round. I know I do, I swear anytime I think about skipping it for a month I find a flea on my poor pup. It's a hard choice sometimes if your budget is stretched pretty thin, as such preventatives can be expensive. Here are some ways I've found to cut back and save more.

1. Shop for the preventative online! Many of them are available at a low rate on sites such as Amazon. Even with shipping you wind up saving a lot more than buying it from your vet's office. For instance 1 thing of Frontline was 17 dollars at my Vet. The same product on Amazon is 5.83(34.99 for a 6 pack). Quite the difference in savings.

2. When shopping online sometimes you might need a prescription for their heartworm medication. You're vet should easily provide this for you. I have a co-worker whose vet office told her to start buying it online because it was that much cheaper! If they are unwilling, see if they will price match. Another co-worker of mine is able to buy her pets heartworm preventative at the same price she would online but her vet wants her business so they matched the price! It never hurts to ask.

3. Check to see if your dogs preventatives offer a mail in rebate when you buy the product. There are many different brands all competing for your business. Recently, I found a 3 dollar mail in rebate for my dogs heartworm preventative.

4. Use sites like Ebates to earn cash back while shopping for your pets medications, preventatives, toys etc online. You can use your normal method of payment and earn up to 8% back for your purchase. Even mainstream retailers like Petsmart and Petco offer cash back on ebates.

5. Use the internet to research what people are saying about certain products like Frontline or K9. You can save yourself time and money by finding out how peoples pets reacted to the product or if it worked. When I first got my dog I had her on Frontline. She still would get fleas. I did a search online and many people were complaining about having a similiar problem in my area. I switched her to K9 to great success based upon their reviews and recommendations. While not all reviews are going to give you the best advice, you can get a general sense of the product. After all, you wouldn't buy a new car without doing research, why not hold the same true for smaller more routine purchases.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Free Samples that will get your tail wiggling

A free can of mighty dog go to Sisterly Savings for the link.

A free sample of Rachel Ray's Dog food go to Coupon Cravings for the link.

Hurry before these offers are gone!

Science Diet Deal

Currently you can sign up for the Science Diet 3 bag challenge and get a 5.00 off coupon. Go to the link below for the scoop on that. After doing so, if you have Petco near by they have Science Diet 35lb bags or larger for 8.00 off this week. Combine this offer with the 5.00 and 2.00 off(survey coup if you have it) and you can save 15.00 off a 35lb bag of dog food! Use your Petco P.A.L.S card and it will count towards one of your ten bags of food.
If you are weary of changing your dogs food, the 5.00 off coupon is good for any 4lb bag or larger. I'm not sure of the exact pricing but most 4-5lb bags of Science Diet run around 10.00. Combine the two coups above and get a small bag for around 2-3 dollars and donate it to a local humane society or rescue group!

Monday, January 12, 2009

More Pet offers

Go to Freebies4Mom's blog to read on some great deals for your pet.

The Petco P.A.Ls card

If you have a Petco near you there are some great ways to use their Petco P.A.L.S card. I have been a P.A.L.S member for several years. However, when I moved to Georgia over a year ago, I forgot about the program. It's not hard to do considering the closest Petco to me is almost 20 minutes away and the only time I am in the area is to shop at the outlets. So while up in the area, I had my sister stop to check out what Petco was serving. And wouldn't you know there were some good deals to be found.
Nutro dog food 30-40lb bags were on sale for 25.49 your P.A.L.S card. I had a 2.00 off coupon from a recent mail in rebate I received from them. These are normally 27 dollars or more at Petsmart and other dog food stores. Plus, did you know that if you buy 10 bags of dog food(same size and brand but whatever flavor you want) throughout the year at Petco, they will mail you a coupon for a free bag as a part of the P.A.L.S program? I didn't until I just logged onto their website to find out what exactly the purpose of my P.A.L.S card. If you have multiple pets that can add to big savings throughout the year.
They also offering perks for grooming if you use their instore grooming. I'm lucky in that the only grooming beagles require is nail clippings, which I have my sister do for free.

Check your receipt from Petco, sometimes they offer a instore coupon on the bottom for calling to do a survey about your shopping experience. The coupon I received was for 2 dollars off a $5.00 or more purchase. It is good for an entire month!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Healthy Pet Treats

Do you ever feed your dog carrots? My pup loves them! This week Kroger has baby carrots on sale for 1.00.

Welcome to the Frugal Beagle

This blog is to help you sniff out the great deals on pet supplies. For many of us, pets are like our children. We want to provide them with everything and anything. I'll highlight great deals for the week and offers to keep a look out for and where you can purchase them.

To start things off here are some great deals for this week.

CVS stores have Christmas clearance at 90% off. They offered stocking stuffers of squeeky toys and I found 2 of them at my store today! I got the hamburger/fries combination and 1 shoe, for .20 each!

Some K-marts are doing double coupons this week up to 2.00/off.
Beggin Strips and T-Bonz are on sale 4/10.
Combine with the 1.00 coupon(10/12/08 SS) and get them for .50 a bag. Hurry in to do this deal as the coupon expires 1/12/09. Also in the coupon inserts this week you should find a b1/g1 free coupon. Use this along with the above deal to make it even better!
T-bonz dog treats combine with 1.50 off(10/19/08 SS) and get them for free!

Other purina dog treat coupons include from the 11/16/08 SS 1.50 off 2.

At my K-mart they also sell a sample of the mini busy bones(for toy dogs) they are usually 1.00. Use the 1.00/1 coupon from this week's insert to get it for free. They often come with a 1.00 off your next purchase of a busy bone! This is great because often they do not specify a size and you can use the 1.00 off coupon to buy another bag!

Buy a bag of Purina Dog chow(44lb bag) on sale for $20 and get a $5 giftcard.
10% off select cat items.