Sunday, May 31, 2009

Iams Rebate Form

Did you find the mail in rebate for a free bag of dog food? Purchase any 4lb bag of Iams, then mail in the official offer form, receipt and proof of purchase(UPC) by 6/30/09. Then you will receive a coupon for a free bag!
You can find the official rebate form at your local CVS store. I even saw people selling them on Ebay, but for those of you that can't find them or don't want to buy it(which I don't blame you at all). Great news, I have FOUR to give away. Just leave a comment below letting me know that you would like one. This will be on a first come, first serve, so don't be shy. Let me know you want it and how to contact you.

Petco Deals

Remember that great $5.00 off any $25.00 purchase coupon at Petco? Here are some ways to get the best value out of it.

Science Diet Dog Food 5-20lb Light Dog Food is 4.00 off
Use with the 8.00 off coupon printable here.
or sign up for the 3 bag challenge and get a 5.00 off coupon.

With the purchase of Purina One Lamb and Rice 18lb bags get 3 cans of wet food free.
-use 1.50 off any Purina dog food coupon

Beggin Strips are 25% when you buy two bags
-1.00 off any beggin strips
-1.00 off any canadian cut beggin strips

Depending on how quickly the Eukanuba 5.00 off coupons are mailed you might be able to use it with this ad as it runs through June 21st.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pet Deals

Get two months of Advantage for Cats free by joining the "Soft on Hands, tough on Fleas" group on Catser. You do need to be a member, but it is free to join.

Entirely Pets is offering 15% off your purchase through June 30th.
Use the PROMO CODE: happypet675k9

The Cesar buy one/get one free coupon is still available here.

Pet Food Direct has a great deal on the Tidy Cat Breeze Litter system. You get the litter box with scoop, 3.75lb of litter pebbles, and four pads for 23.99. A savings of 17.00 dollars. Go here to get your system today. Also, use the code PER5PCT and get another 5% off. If you have an Ebates account you will receive 5% back on your purchase when going through their link.

Hot Petco Coupons!

Petco is currently offering two great in store coupons. There are two great coupons. The first is
$10/50.00 and the second is $5.00/25.00. Go here for a start to your savings. They expire 6/14/09. You just need to present your P.A.L.S card with the coupon.

Combine it this $8.00 off any Science Diet coupon.

Petco is also offering a 2 day only $10.00/50.00 purchase coupon. This one is only valid from May 29th-30th. Go here to get your in store coupon.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Publix Dog Food Deal

Publix has been having great dog friendly deals. Last week it was the great Dentastix money maker, this week it's dog food!

Beneful 3.5-4lb bags will be buy/get one free with prices starting at $5.79, there is also a printable coupon here. Use two coupons and get them for free!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shutterfly-New Picture Sharing Feature

This morning I opened my email to find an interesting offer from Shutterfly. You can create your own photo site allowing you to share pictures with anyone. Now, shutterfly has always given you this capability but this site takes it a step farther. You can add several other features to your own personal site. Such as a photo journal, message board, guestbook, favorite links and many other features. I created a website to show you what it looks like and how easy it is to create your own personal site.
I really enjoy this feature they have created. Best of all it's completely free. If you have friends and family scattered around the country, this is a great way to share photos and stories behind the pictures. It takes online album sharing to a whole new level. No longer are you limited to just putting a 100 word caption, you can create a whole blog entry about the photos.

Please take a look at the site I created, oh and the best part Shutterfly is offering you free prints for creating it and sharing it with others!

Monday, May 25, 2009

CVS Week of 5/24-30

Wow, CVS has some great deals this week! If you are already heading out to snag some, add these to your list.
I Heart CVS(I heart her blogs) has the scoop on how to score FREE beggin strips. If you already printed these coupons, they are still cheap but not free if you have the correct match up. Go here to learn how to snag them.

Here is my scenario
Transaction #1(oh that's right there is more than 1)
Buy 2 Neutrogena 1oz sunscreen tubes(I found them in the make up aisle in a small basket, others report finding them in a fishbowl also in this area.)
Earning $10 extra care bucks(ECBS)

Transaction #2
Buy 2 Beggin Strips: 2.99x2=5.98-2(1.00/1 coupon from 4/5 SS)=3.98
1 Colgate Total=2.99-1.00/1 coupon=1.99
*get 2 ecbs
1 Speedstick Pro Deodorant 3.99
*get 3.99 ecbs
2 Sobe Waters: on sale buy one/get one 1.59, plus use the buy one/get one coupon here=Free!
*Find a filler item there is a LOT of candy at the front for .50 or less.
Total=9.96+filler item(.50)=10.46
Use 10 ECBS from the first transaction, pay .46 oop
receive=5.99 ECBS back

Total Out of Pocket cost=3.98+.46=4.44 plus tax!
The best part is that you still have 5.99 in ECB's to spend on whatever you want!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekly Deals

Cellfire has a $2.50/1 Dentastix coupon available. Load one to your card today.

Publix has Pedigree coupons with their other coupon booklets for b1/g1 free on their new line of wet dog food.

Petsmart has Science Diet on sale through May 31st. Combine with the coupons for $3.00 or $5.00 off. Are you a member of Petsmart Perks? It's completely free and occasionally they send you coupons!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Overage at the Store

There is the rare occasion where your coupon is worth more than the item. Couponers call this overage. A great example is the Dentastix deal this week at Publix. They are on sale B1/G1 at 3.59. At my area publix you can buy one of the b1/g1 items and still receive the sale price. If you have the $2.50/1 coupon you would make .71 per Dentastix. Now that you have .71 cents to spend on whatever, what do you buy? Well, that is your decision. I recently used it to buy more Dentastix, as you saw in my previous post. I bought ten packages using coupons for each and still came away with .05 to spare.
There are some things to remember about overage. Not all stores allow it. Many will have the cashier adjust the coupon down to the purchase price, making the item free but no overage. Usually the coupon is not going to be for more than purchase price. Dentastix released some great coupons partly because the packaging is changing for the product. When this happens stores either clearance out the old packaging or the manufacturers run sales to get it off the shelf. Either way, it's a great stock up opportunity for you. Just make sure you check the product expiration date to ensuring you can use it during its shelf life. If not, try donating it to friends, family or a local shelter.
Summer is a great time to stock up a pet deals because there are not as many holidays. After memorial day it will be fourth of July, then Labor day, expect sales to focus on summery items including household items. Keep an eye out for specials like the Kroger Purina deal. It will help you beat the dog days of summer with more change in your pocket.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Publix Run

I just returned triumphant from Publix. I successfully got 10 bags of Dentastix for my pup and my sister's pooches. Plus, I gave a bag to my co-worker to try out.

Good news, the store I went to had plenty in-stock. They had a bin along with plenty on the shelf. The sale price was 3.59 rather than 3.79 as first reported. Now for the bad news, some of the packaging sizes are changing. I noticed on the new bags of minis they are reducing the package from 25 sticks to 24. The largest size still had 7. I didn't notice on the small if they decreased the package size or not. While this isn't a huge decrease by package shrink terms, it still is worth noting. If your store still has the old packaging, you would get 1 more than in the new packages.

Here is how I did it.
I bought 10 packages
B1/G1 2 3.59*5=17.95
I made 1.05 for buying dentastix.

Of course, that is not the only item I bought while there, but it's still pretty neat to get "paid" to buy dog treats.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Utilizing What You Have on Hand

While reading a deal over at It's Hip to Save it reminded me of ways you can turn items you may already have on hand into ones for your pup.

She posted the following deal on a backpack at Land's End. I thought to myself, well that is a cute little backpack too bad my nieces don't need one yet. It did make me think well wait, I already use a backpack to carry my dog's stuff around. I got a backpack last year at CVS during their 90% back to school items, I think it was 1.90. I pack all of my dogs stuff into and it's an easy way to make sure all of her stuff is in one place. It's great! The multiple pockets mean I can organize her items with what I need on hand for a potty stop versus when we get to our final destination. You could even use it for days at the park. Throw a bottle of water, a few extra plastic bags, toys and any other items you need on hand. Chances are you already have one on hand, and if not get one during the after school clearance sales or snag the one from Land's End.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Deals around Town

This upcoming ad will have Dentastix as a b1/g1 deal. The regular shelf price is around 3.79. Combine this with the 2.50 printable coupon here or the ones found in the inserts. I think I have about 6 of these coupons. Not only will they be free but you will get overage!

Here is how it will work.
Buy 2 at 3.79-=3.79
use 2 (2.50)coupons=5.00
Make 1.21!

This will start Wednesday or Thursday depending on your ads start day. I can't wait!

Thanks to Amy over at "Who Said Nothing in Life is Free??" for pointing this great deal out!

Also, Dingo Wraps are 2/$2.00 at Petsmart.

Beggin Strips are on temporary price cut for 2.39, plus it is a 25% bonus bag.
Use the printable coupon here along with the $1.00/2 Target coupon
*final price will depend on the value of the coupon, it was printing between 2.00 and 1.00*

Alpo canned dog food was also on temporary price cut for .62 a can
Use the buy one/get one coupon and get two for .62!

Purina Deal at Kroger

There was a Purina deal advertised in the coupon inserts at Kroger. This deal while not spectacular is worth noting if you buy your dog food there already.
Spend $30 on Purina items and received $3.00 off your next shopping trip. The more you spend, the larger your catalina will be capping off at $5.00.

Dog Chow is on sale for 10.99. Use the 1.50 off coupon from the 4/26 insert or this week's 1.50 coupon. You oop is 9.49 for 17.6-20lbs.
Buy 3 bags, use 3 coupons and your total oop is 28.47. Plus you would get the $3.00 catalina.

Certain Purina dog treats also count towards the deal. This deal is not advertised in the Kroger Ad for my area, but there should be tags on the shelves if your store is doing it. Or look in your coupon inserts, it was with the Purina dog food coupons.

Hartz Coupons

Two coupons are now available for HartzinControl Advanced Flea and Tick Topicals.

Go here for the Petco coupon.

Because this is a store coupon, you can combine it with the manufacturer's coupon from the 4/26 inserts to increase your savings.
Summer is an active time for fleas and ticks. I haven't used this brand but with these savings it may be worth trying out.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mail Treats

Some weeks it is rather entertaining to check the mail. This is turning out to be one of those weeks.

1. The Mighty Dog Nation pack came yesterday. Inside there was a cute M dog tag, a coupon for buy 4 cans get 1 free, and the dog citizen pamphlet. Did you sign up yet to have your pup become a Mighty Dog Nation Citizen? Go here.

2. Science Diet sent me a 5.00 off any 4lb bag or larger coupon good until Jan. 2010 for doing the three bag challenge. Interested in doing the 3 bag challenge? Go here.

I will also be sending in for my free bag of Iams with any Iams purchase rebate offer. Interested in the form? Let me know, I have a few extras or keep an eye out in your local CVS store.

Swiffer Deal at Target

Mercedes at Common Sense with Money wrote about a great deal on Swiffer products at Target this week. For the details visit her blog, which I have linked on the right side. Hurry, the rebate offer is only good for purchases made through May 15th, which is this Friday!

I plan on doing this deal to pick up the dry and wet cloth refills. They are wonderful for picking up fur and dust throughout the house. My dog is shedding her "winter" coat right now. I have fur every where.

It's a great week for kitties at Target.

Tidy cat is 6.99.
Use the 1.00 off coupon from the 4/26 insert or the printable available here.

Whiskas are 1.50
Combine with the b1/g1 coupon from the 4/26 insert
.75 each

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Iams Dog Food

While waiting for my oil change yesterday I wander around my local Wal-mart. There I found the following deal.

Iams Natural Puppy Dog Food 4lbs was 5.00
Iams Natural Dog Food 4lbs was 5.98

In my coupon book of wonders I had a 5.00 off any Iams Natural Dog food coupon. I believe I got this in the mail from Iams. They will mail you dog food coupons if you sign up for their newsletter or other deals.

I used the 5.00 off coupon to buy the puppy food making it FREE. I'll be donating it to our local humane society as my pup is well past her puppy years.

Then I'll use that receipt to send it for a free bag of dog food from Iams.

That means I'll get two bags of food for free!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pets Supermarket Coupon

Check out this great coupon $5 off any $25.00 purchase at Pets Supermarket. It expires 5/31/09 and you must present your VIP card.
Go here to see the ad and find your local store!

Here are some great ways to save.
Buy Iams at 17.97(17.5lb bags) and send in for the free bag voucher(if you have the form, don't have one? check out your local CVS. Need one? Let me know, I have two that I will happily give out)
-Use the $5.00 off any bag of Iams Naturals coupon(expires 6/30/09) or 2.00 off any IAMS from the P&G rebate booklet.
-Final cost 12.97-15.97

Purina One-8lb bags are 10.97
-Use the 1.00 off any Purina dog food coupon
-Final cost 9.97

Science Diet is also on sale however, I am not certain what their prices on it are but I know they are generally a tad cheaper than Petsmart.
-Use the Science Diet coups from the 5/3 inserts for even more savings!

Tidy Cat is on sale for 10.99 for a 27lb tub of kitty litter.
-Use the 1.00 off coupon(exp. 7/26/09)
or use this 1.00 off coupon
-Final cost 9.99

Do any combination of these deals to get your total over $25.00 and use the $5.00 off coupon for even greater savings!
Thanks to "Who Said Nothing in Life is Free" for this great coupon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Picture Perfect

Today at Walgreens you can get a free 8x10. There are two ways to get this great offer worth $2.99.
1. Order it through Walgreen's website. You will need an online account which is free and easy to register for under the Photo tab. Then use the code MOTHER at check out. Update the total before placing your order to ensure it goes through. Your total should show as 0.00.

2. Go to Walgreens with your photo on a smartcard reader(like your camera memory card) or a flash drive. Use the in ad coupon for your free 8x10.

See the picture above of two beagles dressed up like lobsters? That is now an 8x10 hanging in the stairway of my sister's house. I got it for FREE the last time Wags was running this great deal. It makes a cute and fun addition to her decor.

Now the tough part is deciding which picture to enlarge.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Doggie Deals

When you spend 15 dollars on any Petsmart purchase you can receive a free gift or toy. Use the code MAYDEAL. You will need to enter your petsperk card as well.

Also, "Who Said Nothing is Free" is reporting that Publix has a flier for Michael's chef creation canned dog food. One of the coupons would get you a free can. For more details go here.
If you can find it, this would work great with the buy one/get one coupon from the inserts a few weeks back. If you were lucky enough to find the 2 pack at Target with the free coupon insert you could get two cans for free, or more depending on your coupons.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Coupons

Here are some coupons you may have found at your stores or in inserts.

$1.00 off any Purina Beneful snackin slices any size, exp. 7/26/09
$1.00 off any package of Purina Carvers any size, exp. 7/26/09
Buy 2 cans of Alpo(any variety) get 1 free, exp. 5/21/09
1.50 off any 15.5 bag of Purina dog chow, exp 5/24/09
1.00 off any 3.5 lb bag of Purina chow, exp. 5/24/09
1.50 off any bag of Pedigree, exp. 5/30/09
1.00 off any 6pack of Pedigree cans, exp 5/30/09
1.00 off any Pedigree Treats for Dogs, exp. 5/30/09
2.50 off any size Pedigree Dentastix, 6/13/09
1.00 off any Hartz Crunch'n'Clean Dog Biscuits, exp. 6/07/09
1.00 off any Hartz UltraGuard Pro flea and tick drops for dogs/cats, exp 6/07/09
1.00 off any Hartz Natural treats with real beef for dogs, exp. 6/07/09
3.00 off any 4lb bag or larger of Science Diet, exp 8/31/09
2.00 off any purchase of 6 cans of Science Diet, exp. 8/31/09
1.00 off any 4oz package of Purina Busy Chewnola or Busy(any size), exp. 7/05/09
1.00 off any Purina Beggin Canadian Cuts or Beggin Strips, exp. 7/05/09

*I found the follow at Kmart*
1.50 off any 12 pack of Pedigree wet food for dogs, exp. 7/15/09
1.00 off any one Goodlife Recipe treats for dogs, exp. 7/15/09
1.00 off any Pedigree treats for Dogs, exp. 7/15/09
Buy 2, get one Free any variety of cesar canine cusine entrees, exp. 7/15/09

1.00 off any package of Tidy cats any size, variety, exp. 7/26/09
5.00 off any Breeze litter system, exp. 7/26/09
Free Kitten Chow, up to 2.19, exp. 7/26/09
Buy 1/get 1 Whisker Lickin's, exp. 7/31/09
1.00 off Crunch n Clean Cat Treats, exp. 6/07/09
1.00 off any Hartz NODOR litter spray, exp. 6/07/09
2.00 off any Science Diet 3.5 bag, expire 8/31/09
Buy 3, get a free can of Science Diet cat food,exp 8/31/09

4.00 Mail in Rebate when you buy any Hartz product and Bolt dvd or blu-ray
Go to for more details.

Enter for a chance to win free food&treats for a year from Pedigree!
Go to to enter.

Iams deals

I went to Kmart with my sister while up in Wisconsin this weekend. I'm not sure how regional this deal is but if you are headed to Kmart this week keep your eyes open for it in the pet aisle.

There is a sign up reading "Buy an bag of Iams cat food(8lbs or larger) and Fresh Step Kitty litter(21lbs or larger) get $5.o0 instantly off your purchase.

Iams cat food is 2/29.50=14.50 a bag
Fresh Step is 2/17.00=8.50 a bag.
My sister had a 2.00 off any Iams cat food coupon that is in the P&G coupon booklet(from the spend $50.00 rebate they had earlier this year). Kmart doubled that to 4.00 off. So the cat food was 10.50. The litter had a bonus of 4lbs.
She spent 10.50+8.50=19.00-5.00 savings=14.00 for both 8lbs of cat food plus 25lbs of litter.

Kmart is also running a promotion where if you spend $35.00 in P&G products you get a $10.00 Kmart giftcard. She found the rebate form on a front aisle where they had Bounty Paper towels. You will need this rebate form to send in for the offer. The great news is that Iams qualifies towards your $35.00! You must make your purchases this week as the rebate is over 5/9/09.

If you really like that deal, there is another one that goes along with this. There are also Iams rebates available where you buy 1 bag of food, you get a coupon for a free bag! I found these at my CVS in the summer area where they have a Iams display. The offer is good until 6/30/09.

If you want to do both rebates, ask if they can print you another receipt. I'm not sure if this is possible or not. I know it is at other stores. If you are already spending $35.00 in P&G products with diapers , paper towels etc, I would suggest doing the Iams deal separately.

Also, a word of caution the $5.00 might not be taken off on your transaction. Check your receipt carefully. My sister got a $5.00 Kmart giftcard because it was not taken off her transaction. If there is not a sign up in your pet aisle. Your Kmart may not be participating in this deal.