Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Changes here at the Frugal Beagle

Besides the new design on the Frugal Beagle other big changes have happened as well. Back in April, the Jack-a-Bee and I packed up her pillows and dog food and moved to the Midwest. She is enjoying the much larger squirrels and newly discovered rabbit population. There was also a scuffle with a raccoon one night. Right now the weather is similar to what we were used to in the South. It will be interesting to see how we adjust to the winters. The move also brought other lifestyle changes to us here at the Frugal Beagle. We are not using a car but only the kindness of friends and public transportation. This may change with the weather change. While it's comfortable to walk ten blocks total to the pet store when there is a foot, likely this will not be the case.

Now there is a new chapter in my pet ownership. I'll still try to remember to bring deals from other blogs about deals from various stores or offers. However, this is not my personal focus anymore. Instead of going to Petsmart, I'm walking to my local pet store for dog food. I'll be looking into the cost and benefits of a dog walker, traveling while making sure to take care of your pup and other ways of pet ownership that aren't necessarily about the best price of beggin strips.

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