Monday, November 16, 2009

Pet Supplies on

I read a lot of various frugal blogs in attempts to stay current on prices and deals. I find a great way to recognize if a price point is worth my time and effort is to keep current to the trends. When I kept reading about this website called, I kept thinking what is this site. Sure, there were some great deals going on with them for products I score super cheap at CVS, Wags etc. Then Frugal in Virginia had an interesting post about the site involving Swagsbucks. I found myself looking into this and the site. is website that allows you to order everyday items, name brand at that at about the same price it would cost you to drive to the store and buy them. They have dog treats and food.
Pedigree breathbusters are 2.89, that is about the exact same price at my Target. They have a wide selection of items from wet dog food to dog shampoo. You can get a 5.00 e-cert through swagbucks by redeeming 12 swagbucks. Considering it takes 45 swagbucks for a 5.00 e-cert through Amazon, that is a good deal. The offer however, is just for new members. I requested my cert, then signed up. I'll probably use my 5.00 to order dog bones. These are items you rarely if ever get coupons for unlike canned food or treats. Plus, free shipping on orders this is a deal.
Final Thoughts:
It's an interesting concept. It would be especially handy for people that do not have a CVS/Wags/Rite Aid near by to do great deals or have a local paper that provides coupons. I realize that you can buy coupons online and through ebay. However, that really only makes sense if you have a store that is close enough to utilize the coupons. It's a good way to get deals on items that rarely have coupons or sales but you use fairly often(for me this means dog bones).

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