Monday, November 23, 2009

Publix: Great Dog Treat Deals

If you are looking for stocking stuffers for your pooch or just need dog treats, keep your eyes peeled in Publix.
I found select packages of Beggin Strips that have a buy one/get one free peelie on them. I did the following deal.
Buy 2 packages @ 2/6.00. I used the buy/one get coupon plus a 1.00/2 coupon to score two bags for just 1.00/bag.

Busy bones are 2/7.00. I used the buy/one get coupon(previously on, but it's gone now), plus a 1.00/2 coupon to score two bags for 2.50 or 1.25 a package.

Then I used a 2.00 any package of Purina one treats. The coupon was a Publix coupon that expired in October, but my store takes them even if they are expired. So I was able to score another bag of treats for just 1.00!

Now, I have a few stocking stuffers plus some treats for while I am out visiting family on Thanksgiving for my pooch!

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