Thursday, February 12, 2009

Organizing Your Pet's Items

If you subscribe to Good Housekeeping you might have read the article on organizing your pet's items. I did and it got me thinking about what items the article mentioned and which I utilize already.
1. A rubber mat under your the food and water dishes. I picked one up last Christmas while they were on clearance. I think I paid around .47 cents for a snowman. If you wanted the dish to match the season or be less seasonal you could watch for after season clearances to pick one up. Many times the Christmas ones are things like snowflakes or in the spring you could find one that has flowers etc. The purpose of the mat is to help with keep the area clean. I think these are a cheap alternative to a pet food dish holder.

2. A pillow for your pet. The one in the article was from L.L. Bean and carried a hefty price tag. You could use online codes and watch for sales to score one for a better price point. Or you could make your own. I picked one up from Walgreens a while back with some register rewards I had got. I also had made my pet one for less than ten dollars with some old t-shirts, fabric and pillows(google pet pillow for pattern ideas if you are crafty.). My dog loves pet pillows and I consider it a worthy investment. Make sure that if you buy a pet pillow from the store it's washable. If you ever deal with fleas, allergies or odors, you will want a pillow that can be washed.

3. An organizer that will hold your pet toys. I got a neat little container during Target's back to school clearance( a great time to pick up organizers on the cheap!). It holds my pets squeeky toys, ropes, leash and other items. It helps keep my living room trip free and my dog knows exactly where she can find her toys. I have a co-worker that keeps her pets toys in a drawer in an ottoman. A cute tote bag would work too. Be creative with how you keep your pets toys in a way that works for you.

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