Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your Help is Needed

Readers, your help is needed! My blogger buddy Your Coupon Buddy has a call on her blog for dog food coupons and kitty coupons to help out a local Humane Society in desperate need of dog and kitty food. While the shelter has received a great response it doesn't mean their need is over! If you have any of the free mighty dog coupons or free cat chow coupons or any other coupons that would make it possible to get dog/cat food a low cost. Please go to her site and send the coupons her way. I'm gathering up my coupons right now to send to her.
Here is one of the news stories about the shelter.

1 comment:

  1. There is a e-coupon at It is for $10 of purchase of $75 or more. They have lots of pet products, but they also have dog and cat food. The promotional code is AV8YT. It expires 8/1/2009. I let "Your Coupon Buddy" know too. I hope it helps.