Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Keeping Your House Fresh

If you have pets, keeping your house clean and smelling fresh can be challenging. Let's face it, your pets don't mind being stinky and they don't mind leaving their fur every where. The one thing they are helpful with is making sure your floor is crumb free :)
When I find a deal on cleaning supplies that also combat the fur and smell I leap all over it. Here are some recent deals I've got that help me keep my place fresh.

Airwick I Motion Sensor Starter Kits @ $6.00
-6.00 off any Airwick I Motion Sensor Starter Kits(exp 10/18)

Febreeze Candles@ 5.00
-1.00 off any Febreeze candle from $120 P&G savings booklet(exp 12/31/09)
-Buy any Candle get a free Air Effects(2.66 at my store)
=4.00 plus a free air effects

Snuggle Free and Clear Dryer Sheets@ 3.48
-3.00 off any Snuggle 72 ct or higher
(these are great to use if you are washing your pet's bedding. It helps prevent static cling and you don't have to worry about perfumes irritating their fur etc).

P&G Products
In the 9/27 inserts they had a buy/one get free for both Magic Eraser and Swiffer Dust Spray. I love Magic Erasers for removing scuff marks from doors and walls. The dust spray also has an allergen reducing formula that is great for removing allergens your pets may bring into the home or contribute to with their shedding. Or request a coupon booklet here. There are usually some higher dollar coupons in this booklet!

If you don't have these coupons don't worry, there are plenty of websites that you can buy coupons off of or trading sites.

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