Sunday, October 11, 2009

Low Cost Shot Clinics

Yesterday I took my sister's dog to a low cost shot clinic here in town. They are done by a vet in a mobile clinic(RV) and cost 10.00 per shot. Molly(the dog) needed all three shots. I went in received my number filled out her information and waited. The wait time was around 45 minutes to an hour. Most people in line had two dogs. Once it was my turn it was very simple and quick. I also received a cute little shot record for Molly. I have never got something like this from my vet. I felt it was worth it. I've had wait times that are longer at my vet's office(scheduled appointment even!) for simpler procedures(heart worm test and nail trim). The vet that performed the services was very nice and courteous. My only complaint was actually from other pet owners not keeping their pets on a short lead with the leash. I plan on taking my own pup to this when she is up for her shots.
If you have never considered a shot clinic, do. They are a great way to save money and your pet doesn't act suspicious like they do walking into the vet's office.

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