Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly Deals

Beggin Strips @ 10% off
B1/G1 Beggin Strip-Expires 4/12/09!
-select other dog treats are also included
Potential Coupon Matches for Purina Dog Treats
1.50 off Purina Carvers
1.50 off T-bonz Porthouse Snacks

Whiskas Multi Pack Cat Food 4.49
-2.00 off Whiskas Purrfectly10 pack(6.29.09) 3/29 RP
-1.o0 off any 12 pack from the 3/29 RP

50% off Easter Clearance starts at Target this week! Remember those cute stuff animals also make great dog toys. Just make sure to remove any choking hazards(like buttons, ribbons etc) before giving it to your dog. Also, keep an eye out for dog specific easter items like treats etc.

It is being reported that next week Kmart will be having Double Coupons again!

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