Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekly Coupons

This week there was 5 inserts in the Sunday paper. Sadly the P&G did not have any Iams coupons. The only dog coupons I got where the Pedigree ones. There was also a coupon for the 3m Fur Fighter which is similar to the Pledge Pet Hair Remover. There were also some for carpet cleaners like woolite. They make a neat little cleaning tool call the Pod or something along those lines. Before I got my Bissel Iused the pod to clean up after my pup. I really enjoyed the product.

The ads are rather tame with pet deals from what I saw. With Easter quickly approaching most ads are focused on clothing, candy and food. So I think it will be a bit before we see a strong pet ad.

Walgreen's has the small dog dentastix on clearance for 3.19. Use the 2.50 off coupon and you could get bag for .69 cents. Even if you don't have a small breed these are nice treats for your dog to give a little fresh breath perk.

CVS has dog toys on clearance along with dish towels, cloths, tupperware and other asst. items. At my store they were 75% off. They also have coffee mugs with dogs on them! I got my sister two beagle mugs for .49 each!

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