Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monthly Total Update

I broke my Target fast today. I sat out almost all of lent. The Gillette deal this week was too much for me to pass up!
While in Target I decided to check out how much the Pedigree Dentastix would be with my 2.50 coupon. They were on temporary price cut at my store for 3.39! I could only use one coupon during the transaction. My cashier was very insistent that she could only use one. I didn't fight it because there were lines and it's not hard to just have them void off the other one. Just a word of caution, if you are planning on doing this deal.
3.39-2.50 off coupon=.89

Then I bought another pack of the Dentastix at Walgreens to bring my total up enough so I could use my 3.50 RR. I'll just my total oop cost of 1.04 as the Dentastix cost.

Previous total 3.16+.89=4.05+1.04=5.09


  1. I'm surprised she only let you use one coupon, you were buying multiples of the product right? I cleaned out the local target of milkbones the other week, I had a bunch of buy one get one free coupons due to expire. I think we ended up with 14 boxes and the cashier didn't mind one bit. It did take awhile to check out though because they have to note the price on each coupon.

  2. This is the first time I have had this happen. I was buying 2 bags and had 2 coupons. I pointed this out to the cashier. However, she would not let me although she did offered to ring it up separately. The person behind me did not look happy with how long my transaction was taking so I just said please void the one off and that is fine.
    I find from reading other frugal blogs and my own personal experiences that it really just depends on your cashier's personal feelings towards coupons. Some love it and ask me where I find them. Others act like I am trying to rob the store.