Wednesday, July 29, 2009

J.C. Penny coupon

Save 15% instore or online with this coupon. Go through ebates and get cash back on your online purchase. It is valid July 29th-August 1st which pairs nicely with tax free weekend here in Georgia.
Now while J.C. Penny doesn't carry pet products(at least that I can find). If you need to replace anything your pet may have used as a chew toy(like your shoes) this could actually work out quite well for you. Or perhaps you are thinking about getting new pillows and turning your old pillows into a pet bed. Maybe, you've been eyeing new towels and are going to donate your old ones to the humane society.
There are various ways you can make this purchase pet related without actually buying a pet product.
I know, my logic for spending can be dangerous at times. Trust me, my wallet knows this allll too well.

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