Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pet Sitting

Currently right now I am pet sitting for my co-worker. She has quite the zoo which consists of a parrot, 2 dogs, 3 cats and fish. Add to that my pup and you can see I definitely have my hands full! However, I love it and enjoy every moment.

It did get me thinking though, what do you do when you go on vacation with your pet? There are several options to choose. Here are the ones I thought of while brainstorming.

1. Have a friend or family member watch your pet. This is my personal favorite.
2. Kennel or Pet resort
3. Pet sitting service
4. Bring your pet with you

Obviously each option has a certain level of cost and planning involved with it. Most kennels require proof of recent vaccinations as do Pet sitting services. Time is a large factor including how long you will be away and what hours the kennel or pet service are available. The biggest factor for us frugals would be cost. Friends or family would be the cheapest of the options because you could negotiate with them. I often trade services such as you watch my dog for x days and I will watch yours for x days. You could also agree on a minimum amount you pay per day, say $5.00. Here are some factors I use to determine what the best agreement would be.

1. Will it require you to go to their house or will their pet come to yours?
2. How many days?
3. How many pets you will be watching? One dog is very different than 2.
4. Does your pet have special needs like medicine or allergies?
5. How well do they get along with your pets?

If anyone else has any input please leave a comment!

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