Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ways to help your local Shelters

The sluggish economy has effected many Americans in various ways. Increasing home foreclosures also mean an increase of pets being surrendered to shelters every day. Here are some simple ways you can help shelters in your area.

1. Check their website to see what type of donations they are in need of right now. This can vary from food, leashes, used towels and bedding(for the animals to sleep on), to things that are on sale right now like office supplies(3 ring binders, paper, pens, etc).

2. Check to see if they participate in a recycling program. My local shelter sends in used cell phones to raise funds. I've also seen where they take old printer cartridges.

3. Volunteer.

4. Consider becoming a foster parent.

5. Change your buying habits to support causes you care about such as animal shelters. Many companies are doing campaigns where a certain percentage of their sales goes to help animals in shelters like Pedigree and Science Diet. Other companies like Target support St. Jude's and United Way. Learn about where you shop to make your dollars go farther.

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