Friday, January 23, 2009

Collars and Leashes for Dogs O My!

My pup has had the same leash since I first got her. However, I cannot say the same thing about her collar collection. The first collar she had lasted about three months before it started looking worn and was falling apart. The next collar just didn't look cute( granted that was more of my issue than the dogs) and it didn't fit her properly. Fit is very important with the dogs collar. If it is too loose the dog will pull it off, if it's too tight it can cause problems as well. I finally got the perfect fit and look by ordering her one of Etsy.
If you have never shopped on Etsy it's a wonderful site. It gives artists a place to put items for sale and reach a wide audience. It has a feedback section so you can see how other buys rate the seller or what type of "shopping" experience they had. The best part is that some sellers support non profit foundations or donate a proceed of your purchase to a pet rescue in their area. The prices are reasonable as well. I wouldn't go on expecting the best bargain of your life, but knowing that you are directly supporting a person rather than a corporation, sometimes the extra dollar is worth it.
Check out this adorable collar the seller offers free shipping!

I ordered a collar off Etsy last year. My pups collar is still going strong! More than I can say for the pet mega store I got her first one from. Sometimes having things crafted from love makes all the difference(cue cheesy soundtrack music) :)

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