Friday, January 16, 2009

Using the drug store games to your pets advantage

Many people play what they call the "Drugstore Game". This is where you take advantage of sales at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and other stores to get products at a very low cost, free or sometimes get "paid" to purchase them. I learned about this last April by visiting a few blogs that are dedicated to highlighting weekly deals with coupon matches etc.
Sometimes you can use these deals to get dog food at a low cost or find toys on clearance. Yet, there are also ways you can use these deals to buy non traditional items that you dog may need. Do you have a doggy first aid kit? Here is a list of some things to consider in your Canine First Aid kit.

Here are some things on the list that I know I have purchased at CVS for a low cost or could even get nearly free this week.

1. Tweezers: Revlon products are b1/g1 this week, use the dollar off coupon from the 1/4 inserts and get two for almost free(depending on purchase price).
2. Plastic Bags: Ever wondered what to do with your extra grocery bags or what to do with the little plastic bags your newspaper comes in when it's raining? Put a few in your Canine First Aid kit.
3. Antihistamine: Benadryl, CVS brand etc, are often part of promotions for ECB's or on sale. Pick up a pack and put it in your kit. I had to give my pooch a benadryl this August when her allergies peaked. It was nice to have it already on hand and not have to pay full price for it.
4. Vaseline: CVS brands can be purchased with their handy 2, 3 off coupons from a CVS brand, or Target has a nifty travel size for .99 in their travel section. I have had the same jar for a few years now!
5. Hydrogen Peroxide: Use it as a filer item for when you have those awesome 5/25 coups!

Many of these items are probably already in your home. It's always nice though to have specific items set aside for your pet. It can help a potentially stressful situation become less stressful if you have all the items are already set aside and in one place.

So the next time you are scanning those ads keep an eye out for when you might stumble upon an item to throw in your canine first aid kit.

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