Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pet Deals

Get two months of Advantage for Cats free by joining the "Soft on Hands, tough on Fleas" group on Catser. You do need to be a member, but it is free to join.

Entirely Pets is offering 15% off your purchase through June 30th.
Use the PROMO CODE: happypet675k9

The Cesar buy one/get one free coupon is still available here.

Pet Food Direct has a great deal on the Tidy Cat Breeze Litter system. You get the litter box with scoop, 3.75lb of litter pebbles, and four pads for 23.99. A savings of 17.00 dollars. Go here to get your system today. Also, use the code PER5PCT and get another 5% off. If you have an Ebates account you will receive 5% back on your purchase when going through their link.

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