Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Utilizing What You Have on Hand

While reading a deal over at It's Hip to Save it reminded me of ways you can turn items you may already have on hand into ones for your pup.

She posted the following deal on a backpack at Land's End. I thought to myself, well that is a cute little backpack too bad my nieces don't need one yet. It did make me think well wait, I already use a backpack to carry my dog's stuff around. I got a backpack last year at CVS during their 90% back to school items, I think it was 1.90. I pack all of my dogs stuff into and it's an easy way to make sure all of her stuff is in one place. It's great! The multiple pockets mean I can organize her items with what I need on hand for a potty stop versus when we get to our final destination. You could even use it for days at the park. Throw a bottle of water, a few extra plastic bags, toys and any other items you need on hand. Chances are you already have one on hand, and if not get one during the after school clearance sales or snag the one from Land's End.

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