Monday, May 4, 2009

Iams deals

I went to Kmart with my sister while up in Wisconsin this weekend. I'm not sure how regional this deal is but if you are headed to Kmart this week keep your eyes open for it in the pet aisle.

There is a sign up reading "Buy an bag of Iams cat food(8lbs or larger) and Fresh Step Kitty litter(21lbs or larger) get $5.o0 instantly off your purchase.

Iams cat food is 2/29.50=14.50 a bag
Fresh Step is 2/17.00=8.50 a bag.
My sister had a 2.00 off any Iams cat food coupon that is in the P&G coupon booklet(from the spend $50.00 rebate they had earlier this year). Kmart doubled that to 4.00 off. So the cat food was 10.50. The litter had a bonus of 4lbs.
She spent 10.50+8.50=19.00-5.00 savings=14.00 for both 8lbs of cat food plus 25lbs of litter.

Kmart is also running a promotion where if you spend $35.00 in P&G products you get a $10.00 Kmart giftcard. She found the rebate form on a front aisle where they had Bounty Paper towels. You will need this rebate form to send in for the offer. The great news is that Iams qualifies towards your $35.00! You must make your purchases this week as the rebate is over 5/9/09.

If you really like that deal, there is another one that goes along with this. There are also Iams rebates available where you buy 1 bag of food, you get a coupon for a free bag! I found these at my CVS in the summer area where they have a Iams display. The offer is good until 6/30/09.

If you want to do both rebates, ask if they can print you another receipt. I'm not sure if this is possible or not. I know it is at other stores. If you are already spending $35.00 in P&G products with diapers , paper towels etc, I would suggest doing the Iams deal separately.

Also, a word of caution the $5.00 might not be taken off on your transaction. Check your receipt carefully. My sister got a $5.00 Kmart giftcard because it was not taken off her transaction. If there is not a sign up in your pet aisle. Your Kmart may not be participating in this deal.

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