Saturday, May 23, 2009

Overage at the Store

There is the rare occasion where your coupon is worth more than the item. Couponers call this overage. A great example is the Dentastix deal this week at Publix. They are on sale B1/G1 at 3.59. At my area publix you can buy one of the b1/g1 items and still receive the sale price. If you have the $2.50/1 coupon you would make .71 per Dentastix. Now that you have .71 cents to spend on whatever, what do you buy? Well, that is your decision. I recently used it to buy more Dentastix, as you saw in my previous post. I bought ten packages using coupons for each and still came away with .05 to spare.
There are some things to remember about overage. Not all stores allow it. Many will have the cashier adjust the coupon down to the purchase price, making the item free but no overage. Usually the coupon is not going to be for more than purchase price. Dentastix released some great coupons partly because the packaging is changing for the product. When this happens stores either clearance out the old packaging or the manufacturers run sales to get it off the shelf. Either way, it's a great stock up opportunity for you. Just make sure you check the product expiration date to ensuring you can use it during its shelf life. If not, try donating it to friends, family or a local shelter.
Summer is a great time to stock up a pet deals because there are not as many holidays. After memorial day it will be fourth of July, then Labor day, expect sales to focus on summery items including household items. Keep an eye out for specials like the Kroger Purina deal. It will help you beat the dog days of summer with more change in your pocket.

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