Sunday, May 10, 2009

Iams Dog Food

While waiting for my oil change yesterday I wander around my local Wal-mart. There I found the following deal.

Iams Natural Puppy Dog Food 4lbs was 5.00
Iams Natural Dog Food 4lbs was 5.98

In my coupon book of wonders I had a 5.00 off any Iams Natural Dog food coupon. I believe I got this in the mail from Iams. They will mail you dog food coupons if you sign up for their newsletter or other deals.

I used the 5.00 off coupon to buy the puppy food making it FREE. I'll be donating it to our local humane society as my pup is well past her puppy years.

Then I'll use that receipt to send it for a free bag of dog food from Iams.

That means I'll get two bags of food for free!

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