Monday, August 10, 2009

Cesar's Promotion

Hip2Save has a great post about Cesar's giving away dog food start 8/22. Go here for the full details of the promotion and another link to a buy one/get one coupon.

Walgreen's also has a .50 store coupon for Purina Dog Food 3.5-4lb bags. Although I am less than please with Walgreen's right now about their inconsistent Register Reward policies and when they will print versus will not. I have contact corporate about it. Once I get an answer I'll make sure to post it.


  1. I am super unhappy with Walgreens too. We have 2 in our town, and I went to the older one and was told that if I paid with my register rewards, a new register reward wouldn't print. I went to the new Walgreens and did the exact same transaction and sure enough, my Register Rewards printed. I'm not very happy with the inconsistency!

  2. Hi Christy Lee,
    That is essentially what happened to me. I don't really understand how their system is so inconsistent with practices they advertise! I wrote to corporate and hopefully I'll get some sort of explanation.