Thursday, August 20, 2009

When the fur baby is sick...

I like to reference my dog as my fur baby. After all I frequently show pictures of her and talk about her achievements(she caught the dog treat in the AIR and ate it in 2 seconds!). This morning I woke up to less than pleasant surprises from her. Piles on the carpet that proved she was feeling less than stellar. Then while blow drying my hair I saw her leave another pile on the comforter. The fur baby is not feeling stellar. Something is not agreeing with her little doggy system and there is nothing more gross than dog puke. I feel like I should bring in a team of scientists to identify what she was eating.
My hypothesis is that the recent dog food we got is not agreeing with her or it's the new dentastix. Both are newer to her system and will be cut out of her diet. If that doesn't work, we are going to the vet. Unplanned vet visits are not pleasant for either one of us.

Over at Moneyapolis, she recently had a post from MSN talking about the cost of pet ownership in a time of hardship. I found it interesting how this article focused on how a pet may cost upwards of 10,000 over their life span. This, of course, is just an average based upon a survey in which people responded. If you asked me to guesstimate how much I spend on the fur baby I would have no idea. Here is what I spent just yesterday on the fur baby.

2 boxes of Iams @ 1.18=2.36
2 bags of dentabones @ 1.44, used b1/g1 coupon=1.44

Beneful 4lbs bags b1/g1@ 5.49 used 1.00(2)=3.49 for 8lbs of dog food.
Grand Total 7.29

I spent more on tipping my hairdresser earlier that day then I did on the fur baby. Also, if I had to cut back on spending dog treats much to her dismay would be the first to get the axe unless I could them for free like at Kmart this week.


  1. My little fur baby (as you call them) has a very sensitive stomache. Iams has a good food for this.

  2. I wish I could get fur baby to eat Iams. She just stares at me like it's a pile of rocks.