Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekly Deals and Steal

Target: Pedigree Dog Food with 20% bonus is 10.99. Keep an eye out for dog treats and food on clearance that could have some great coupon match ups.

Rite Aid: Iams 4lb bags are 4.99 this week. Use the 1.00 off coupon from the 8/2 P&G insert to get it for 3.99 a bag. If you sent in for the free Iams coupon, this would be a good time it.

CVS: I found milkbone rawhides on clearance for 2.00 each. Other chew sticks were as low as 1.75. A great way to use those 5/25.0o coupons!

Speaking of great deals. I had a great drug store run this morning. I went to Rite Aid to use the in store Zyrtec coupon with the 4.00 coupon from the 8/2 inserts. I got 2 45 count bottles for 42.32. I used my FSA card to pay for them. Then I submitted for the J&J spend 50.00 get a 25.00 gift card, a 10.00 gc from Zyrtec rewards and then another 10.00 rebate from Zyrtec. I will get 45.00 back!
The biggest surprise I got today was at Walgreen's. I was already planning on doing the Reach Toothpaste deal. I had 2 3/3.00 coupons. When I got into the aisle I found they had marked down the Reach Ultra to just 1.09! I thought well even if I don't get the RR on this it's still worth it to buy three for only .27! Not only where they just .27 I got the 6.00 RR on it! Now that is what I call an excellent deal.
It came at a great time for me. I was beginning to feel a little thrown off my game when CVS changed how tax applies to ECBs. Then Walgreen's was putting out okay ads, etc. Today was just the boost I needed to get back in the game.

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  1. what a super deal at Walgreens! :-) Great find!