Thursday, March 19, 2009

Allergy Season

It's allergy season here. I know because my dog has taken up her semi annual itching and all the pollen lingering on the ground.
Last September I took my pup to the vet because I thought she might have had an ear infection as that was the primary area she was itching. Turns out, she like I, has allergies when the pollen decides to grace us with it's presences. However, instead of taking her to the vet twice a year for a cortisone shot, my vet gave me a simple solution. When allergy season strikes, give your dog half a Benadryl. Yes, the same thing I take works the same way for her. Only I give her a smaller dose than I take for myself. While it's always best to take your dog or animal to the vet first to get a proper diagnosis, always remember to ask your vet if there are any home remedies. Most places will give you an honest answer, and if they don't it may be time to find a new vet. After all avoiding a vet visit is a better solution for you and your pooch. My pup does not enjoy any time spent in the vets office! Please note, this post is not to say never take your animal to the vet. Of course, you should take your pet to the vet if you feel it necessary. But remember to ask questions like you would at your own visit. After all, it may help you and your pet with a better recovery.


  1. I've tried a number of air purifiers to manage my symptoms of airborne allergies, starting with the basic Ionizer, that my wife complained made the room dirty and didn't really work to efficiently, to a mains powered fan unit that was noisy. Because I don't like taking medication I kept looking and came across a new technology called a liquid Ioniser and this has been quite a revelation. I have since bought several units to place throughout the home and the totally silent solution is working really well and keep this season's allergens at bay. why not try one and it may work for your dog too?

  2. My mom's sheltie has to take benedryl daily for his allergies and I always take one before bed. I'm actually allergic to dogs and when you have three that insist on sleeping on top of you, it helps if you can at least breathe. Sorry your girl has to deal with them.

  3. @Mike: She really only goes through an allergy period twice a year that lasts about 2 weeks each time. It's basically with the two seasonal changes here in Coastal GA. If it were more frequent I would look into other options. But with it being as little as it is, I'll just stick with the benadryl.

    @Miss M: My pup insists on sleeping on me as well. It's rather fantastic in the winter for additional heat :) Sorry to hear that your mom's sheltie has to take it daily. That's never fun.