Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dog Food Mail in Rebate Offers

My co-worker has a senior pup that requires special dog food for his tummy. This can be pricey as it's not a great deal to buy it online either due to shipping costs. Hill's Science Diet is helping to alleviate some of those costs with their mail in rebate form for up to $25.00 dollars back.
Purchases must be made by 3/31/09.

This is just on the Prescription Diet food.

*Update, the offer below is for Canada residences only! Thank you for point this out Jray! *
Science Diet Nature's Best also has a mail in rebate of up to 15.99. The offer expires 3/31/09 and cannot be combined with manufacturer's coupons or any other offers. Buy one 4lb bag of Science Diet Nature's Best(this may be with the other natural, organic like dog food and not by the other Science Diet brands, so look there). Complete this form along with sending in your original receipt and UPC off the bag. You might also find the mail in rebate forms in the aisle at Petsmart. My sister gave me this offer a while back when she located the form a Fleet Farm. I got my rebate check in 8 weeks for my full purchase price.

There is also a coupon found on the Nature's best website for $5.00-3.00 off(I found a link for both, not sure how that is but I'll keep both up.

The Missing Link is offering a 2.00 MIR on their dog food. Go here for the form.
Go here for more mail in rebate opportunities for your pet.


  1. There's also a $5 on this site.

    The mail-in rebate form says it's not to be reproduced so I'm wondering what that means.

  2. Usually when it says that it is not be reproduced it means you need to send the original form in with the offer. If you were just to send in the information without an actual rebate form you would be reproducing it.

    Also, some offers are limited to an actual copy that you find in store. But as long as they have a PDF form from their website you can print off a copy to send in with it.

  3. Oh boy...I would not feed Hills to any dog.'s pretty crappy food. There's so many premium foods out there.

    Anywho...good luck with the coupons.

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  4. For the Nature's Best rebate link, the form clearly says the offer is only valid in Canada. Glad I didn't run out to PetSmart!

  5. Thanks for point that out! I'll update the post to reflect that.
    There was one for in the USA that I found in the aisle at Petsmart. So keep an eye out!