Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pet Contests

Believe it or not there are several contest you can enter your pet in beyond "World's Cutest Dog".

This Friday I am running in a local 5k. They give out prizes for best costume including one for your pet. By dressing up my pup, I could win $100 dollars! Now, I will not be doing this for several reasons including that my dog would destroy any attempts to costume her and hates crowds. However, it presents an opportunity to make $100 dollars while having fun.

Bissell is currently running a Most Valuable Pet Photo Contest. Go here for the details. You could win your choice of bissell product, your pet's picture on their packaging and 10,000 donated to a charity of your favorite pet cause.

Dogster is a dog resources website that is sort of like a dog version of Myspace. You can create your pup a profile and make friends with other dogs. Another great aspect of this site though is the abudnant resources on it. You can find information on breeds, adoption sites, forums, and the list goes on. They also have contests. Earlier this year I joined a Febreeze group and got the cutest little pack of items for my pet including a portable water bowl and food scoop.

While your pet will probably never make you rich or be the next Lassie. You can still find cute contests to enter them into and win fun prizes. After all, why not?

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