Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekly Deals

Petco is offering 8.00 off a 40lb bag of Science Diet. Combine with the 5.00 off any size bag of Science Diet(there is a printable version when you sign up for the free pet food contest, three bag challenge or from an insert back in January). Combine this with the 5.00 off a 25.00 dollar purchase and you can get 40lbs of dog food for between 20-25 dollars. You will need to use your P.A.L.S card but the great part is that it counts towards your 10 bags for a free bag. The free bag is something your P.A.L.S card tracks for you automatically, you just need to buy the same size and flavor as you always do to earn it.

Petco is also running some great rawhide deals. They have PetAg Rawhides buy one get one free.
$5.00 off Petco Pig Ears or Round Knots.

25% off Pupperoni, Chewalott, Snausages, when you buy 2 or more. Use the buy one chew a lot bone get a free Meaty Bone biscuit and save 25% plus get a free box of dog biscuits(if meaty bones count towards the 25% they are not in the ad but are a Del Monte product). If you signed up for the free can of Snausages Apple and Peanut butter you could use that towards this deal as well! There have been several 1.00 off Pupperoni coupons offered and in this week's inserts.

Target is offering a $5.00 gift card when you buy 2 Tidy Cats. They are 10.99 each plus the 1.00 off coupon. You would pay 19.98 out of pocket and get 5.00 back.
Select Purina items are on sale as well including Beggin Strips and Purina One dog food.


  1. I just have to tell you that we sooo want a jack russel/beagle mix! That is the kind of dog we are hoping for next. Right now we have a jack/rat terrier mix-named Jack, of course :) He is the best dog! I love jack russels and beagles and was able to see a mix once and it was the most adorable dog!

  2. Awww, Jack sounds like a cutie pie :)