Saturday, March 28, 2009

Petsmart Trip

The Petsmart coupons that popped up this week came at the perfect time for me. I needed dog food and rawhides. I printed off the coupons and here is how I did.

2 bags of Science Diet Natural Chicken and Rice=14.49(2)-2(5.00 off coupons)=18.98
1 bag of Science Diet Lamb and Rice small bites=9.99-1(5.00 off coupon)=4.99
-this was on sale from 11.99
1 bag of rawhides =5.99
-on sale from 6.99
1 bag of waste bags with a bonus bags=9.59
-on sale from 11.99
My total before coupons was $63.00

I used the $15.00 off 50.00, 3 5.00 off science diet, plus my petsmart savings, brought my total to 27.32 after tax.

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